Guillaume canet dating marion cotillard updating a dated kitchen

But unlike the alarming lack of spark between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (I blame the former), the twisted BDSM romance between this Grey and his secretary Lee (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is far sexier and surprisingly heartfelt (especially considering both parties are very down with the sadomasochism).

Yes, there's romance—and, boy, are these pale, blood-drinking leads sexy—but there's also a romanticized notion of high art that makes their love story très chic.

But there's never any question that the love between them is real—interpret that ending however you will—and that's why Amour makes this list.

Andrew Haigh's gay romantic drama plays out like a crystallized memory of a sweet but short-lived affair, one you remember fondly years later.

Sadly, Keats died at 25 from consumption, so the chaste relationship between the poet and his one true love (Abbie Cornish) is a fleeting one, but it feels as grand and everlasting as one of his poems—even when it's mostly just a lot of PG hand touching.

There's something incredibly relatable about Joaquin Phoenix's Leonard, a man with a few demons who becomes involved with—yup—two lovers.

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