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“David Bowie’s producer, Tony Visconti, sent us an email saying, ‘Just to let you know David and I have been listening to the album and we’re really into it’,” beams Kapranos who was also taken by surprise a few days later when Franz Ferdinand showcased at the South By South West industryfest in Austin.

“It was totally sold-out, there were fights outside the venue to get in and they had to call the fire brigade,” he resumes.

ASSISTANT EDITOR X: Where the fuck are we going to take them? My dad used to read me his stuff and the most recent play I saw was The Importance Of Being Earnest. they were waiting to see if ‘Take Me Out’ would leapfrog over Michelle Mc Manus – not an easy task – and claim top spot in the UK singles chart.

It didn’t, but since then they’ve had the consolation of their Franz Ferdinand album selling over 400,000 copies in Ireland and Blighty, and doing what Pulp, Primal Scream, Supergrass, Suede and, er, Westlife have never done, which is go top 40 in America.

– of celebrity fans with Elijah Wood, Brad Pitt and Robin Williams all in the crowd when they swung through California recently.

Then there are the A-List admirers who’ve been too busy to check them out yet.

I also bought a load of really cheap ‘70s retro t-shirts which you’d pay a fortune for here.” So they’re planning on becoming the new Thrills?

“No offence to The Thrills, but urrrrrgh, what a horrible thought!

’” I’m sorry, but making out that touring is ‘fun’ goes directly against the teachings of St.

“You could turn up in a head-to-toe PVC jumpsuit with matching gas-mask and no one would bat an eyelid, but put a cigarette in your mouth, and everybody starts calling you a freak.

Like you say, it’s a very contradictory place.” New York may be a no go area for chain-smoking moshers, but it does provide some excellent shopping opportunities.

Renowned Platinum Am-Ex flasher that he is, I trust Alex bought some quality swag home with him.

“My key purchase was these sparkly, light blue shoes I’m wearing now.

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