Harvard speed dating

One couple met through a mutual friend at the end of freshman year.

Speed dating also offers a structure that -- in its brevity -- encourages polite behavior.

Hey lonely hearts, we have teamed up with Mixalot, a software designed by Rachel Weinstein (AB '00) to help us facilitate this fun and engaging event. Before the event, you will receive a link to Mixalot's website to create a personal profile.

Rachel will host the event and will organize each round of mini-dates.

But as data swells, so do the challenges: how do researchers interrogate this information torrent to find genes of interest?

Forget any analogies of needles and haystacks; this is like trying to characterize every single stalk of hay from a Kansas prairie. 6 issue of , scientists in the HMS Department of Systems Biology have developed a computational tool that can sift these massive datasets for genes of interest with remarkable speed, completing in days what normally takes one to three years.

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