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“This allows us to show that Oscar Mayer Selects is an easy and delicious choice when it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner.” These are indeed messy and moments, from ad agency Mc Garry Bowen, which executed the campaign.You might remember their work from a previous Oscar Mayer commercial where dad comes home from work, and seeing that his whole family is buried in technology, grabs a pack of hot dogs, shuts the house’s power off at the circuit breaker, and begins grilling.

Show Oscar Mayer that their depiction of the average American family is a representation of you. Oscar Mayer has not painted you as the smart decision-maker in the household.

Ned Holstein says that we should be especially wary of this image in the coming month.

“Get ready for more of this kind of thing in the print media: Fathers Day is getting close,” Holstein says.

“This campaign is a great example of what I call the 80/20 rule,” Gordon told . Huggies recently found out what happens when you diss dad.

“They got 80% of it right: great tagline, high production value, awesome casting – even the basic concept is sound,” continued Kat. They had released a mal-worded campaign, challenging moms to “put [Huggies] to the Dad Test.” After every single father blogger came out against the idea that the “dad test” was a cutely-worded way of saying “see what happens when that idiot doesn’t change your kid for hours,” Huggies, with the help of their father-friendly PR agency Edelman, personally called father-bloggers, apologizing and pledging to change the campaign to their best ability.

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