Hinata dating games

However, with nowhere else to go, he's stays and acts as manager of the Hinata House.

This harem dating sim plays like an interactive graphic novel.

The lucky Bachelor or Bachelorette, usually a popular and recognizable character like Sailor Moon or Duo Maxwell, will sit on one side of a screen and ask questions to three contestants they don’t know the identities of!

At the end of the match a contestant is chosen based solely on the answers they gave during the round. To make the game more interesting, the hosts are also cosplaying and in-character!

Despite his protests everyone believes he is still Izuru and is forced into to solitude in order to "bring back" his past self.

However, reviving their friends ends up being a lot more difficult than they thought it would be.

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[Takes Place After the Second Game] After awaking from the Neo World Program Hajime is met with less the enthusiastic reactions from his friends and the rest of the future foundation.

It's primarily text-based, with some top-down exploration.

Using dialog trees, the players responses and actions will affect how each girl feels about them.

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