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Here you’ll meet single women of the LOHAS variety. Its quiet, dark red, and black color scheme makes people feel romantically inclined. In South Minneapolis, the Hexagon is where the cool kids hang out. The concoctions of the expert, friendly, irreverent bartenders are conversation-makers in and of themselves. It has about 10-15 small private rooms that you can sneak into, and a real, designated make-out room (the only one I know of in town). At the Hope Lodge community, each guest has their own room with a private, handicapped-accessible bathroom.Guys have been known to be kicked to the curb by bar staff for being pests, or even 86ed—just about the worst thing you could imagine.Enough said about that…here’s the list of where to go to meet women and have a good time if that doesn’t work out. I know, all my musician friends are going to hate me for saying this, because they prefer to be listened to, not talked over, and they’ve been complaining that while it’s the best place in town to play, it also seems like one big pick-up joint.

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There’s nothing laid-back or inhibited about this place. You’ll feel transported and you’ll have the luck of the Irish at your back. About ten rooms of various themes, with plenty of gigantic couches and mood-lighting to get lost in. You’ll meet women, all right…they’ll be artists, bicyclists, puppet-makers, fiddlers, actresses, playwrights, and art shanty builders…the new young Bohemian set.

Conversely, quiet places with big overstuffed couches and a fireplace are sweet for their romance-inspiring vibe.

Unfortunately I don’t know so much about those because I’m a live-music freak, but I’ll list a couple.

It’s really fun, and full of irreverent, raucous energy. If you like jazz and experimental music, and a very Euro romantic vibe, this is the place to meet single women who are intelligent, appreciative of art and music, who love life…you can’t go wrong here. because it’s a fine dining establishment before that. Bar none, the Town Talk has the best bar counter to hang out and meet singles. The vibe is rowdy and people are talking to new people they meet at the counter all the time.

Great new bands and older established ones play here. There are fewer boundaries here than just about anywhere else I’ve been. One of Kieran’s pubs, home to the downtown business crowd.

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