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- Masquerade - Masks are a sure shot way of getting your partner in the mood.You could try some dialogues from famous movies to add to the drama.According to Sr Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist Dr Sameer Malhotra, "The nature of fantasies would depend on one's personality, upbringing, choices and understanding of their partner's emotions.In the process of performing the inspired roles one can assume postures to comfort each other, stimulate each other's erogenous spots and raise it to a level of mutual arousal towards a common feeling of oneness.- A one-night stand..your wife - Tell her to meet you at the bar.Once there, pretend to be strangers and use pick up lines only to go back home and end up in a hot love making session.

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Let your imagination run wild to find out which role you'll play tonight!

Accepting criticism is tough for many kids with learning and attention issues.

It can also be hard to understand there’s a difference between being put down and being given helpful feedback.

As they say the solution to most problems lies in communicating it.

"It is very important to talk to your partner and gauge his opinion.

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