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But I was interested most of all in the dead man who remained an icon to many on the porch.John Edward Mack, a Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer and Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, spent years trying to fathom their stories and reached an astonishing conclusion: they were telling the truth.

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After a four-year negotiation, the film and television rights to Mack’s story were granted by the Mack family to Make Magic Productions, which has partnered with Robert Redford’s Wildwood Enterprises, and a major feature film is currently in development.

They reached home inexplicably hours late and afterward recovered memories of having been taken into the ship and subjected to frightening medical probes.

Their car showed some peculiar markings, and Betty’s dress had been ripped, the zipper torn.

“I know when I’m going through a wall.” Mack had had one nagging disappointment, Nona recalled. ‘I was raised as the strictest of materialists,” Mack told the writer C. John’s socially prominent stepmother, Ruth Prince, was an eminent feminist economist and New Dealer whose first husband, a great-grandson of the founder of Gimbels department store, had jumped or fallen from the 16th floor of the Yale Club as the Great Depression deepened.

He had never undergone an abduction, or even spied a U. Mack graduated cum laude from Harvard Medical School and, while only a resident, founded one of the nation’s first outpatient hospitals.

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