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It says the changes are necessary because it wants to increase the time staff spend on daytime fire-prevention work, which it claims has reduced the number of fires in the capital by 48 per cent during the past nine years London Fire Authority chairman Brian Coleman said last night: ‘The reason the Fire Brigades Union does not want a shorter night shift is that it will mean they get three hours less sleep – and therefore make them less able to do their second jobs.

"And we can." Three examples sprang to mind: My husband, 15 months younger than I am, had dated only women about our age before meeting me.Mr Coleman estimated that at least 2,000 firefighters would agree to the new deal.The remaining vacancies would be quickly filled, he said, because every job that becomes available attracts up to 200 applicants.They are protesting at management plans to reform the current shift pattern.The London Fire Brigade wants to keep the current four days on, four days off system but to increase the daytime shifts from nine hours to 11 and reduce the 15-hour night shift to 13.

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