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'We also have a saying that it is possible to escape death by perching on your enemy's eyelashes; it means you are so close that he cannot see you.' Inside the flame: To improve concentration, he would spend hours staring into the flame of a candle until he felt he was inside it and would practice listening to a needle being dropped onto a wooden floor to hone his hearing Ninjutsu can be translated as ‘Art of Stealth' but also means ‘Art of Enduring' and the ninjas themselves were noted for being able to walk long distances without stopping, jump over seven feet and dislocate their joints to escape from small spaces.In 1990 the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were at the absolute peak of their popularity.While the movie Turtles display considerably more regard for human life than their comic book counterparts, they also were able to deploy their martial arts skills and weapons a little more effectively than their animated brethren. The movie stuck to flesh-and-blood (and decidedly non-mutated) adversaries.In fact, the Foot were mostly comprised of teenagers who had fallen under the sway of the Shredder, who runs their hideout like its Pleasure Island in .As for the Turtles and Splinter, they are remarkable, brought to life in impressive fashion by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.There were two versions of the suits, “Stunt Turtles” and “Hero Turtles.” The “Hero Turtles” are the ones on display for most of the film, while the “Stunt Turtles” were designed with the film’s Hong Kong stuntmen in mind, who, as Brian Henson recalled “were quite wild - in a good way..were very good martial artists, even though they were wearing a huge amount of foam rubber on them.It couldn't possibly look less like the hyper-stylized worlds of comic book movie contemporaries .

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Blink and you might miss a 21-year-old Sam Rockwell as the "Head Thug" of the Foot Clan.

Watching the first So much so that I wrote an entire article about exactly that. Despite the fact that the TMNT were winning fans on a daily basis at this point with an animated series and toy line that were both impossible to escape, the movie chose to go back to the original source material for its story inspiration.

This may not seem like much of a big deal, but keep in mind that the early black and white TMNT comics were fairly bleak, violent affairs. The show's sensible solution was to turn the Foot Clan into robots.

But the foam actually acted as padding, so in some ways that worked really well.” *** It’s true.

The fights and stunts in are genuinely exciting, made all the more remarkable by the fact that they’re mostly being done by guys in 50 pounds of foam rubber.

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