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Constantine replied that he would gladly travel to Great Moravia and teach them, as long as the Slavs had their own alphabet to write their own language in, to which the Emperor replied that not even his grandfather and father and let alone he could find any evidence of such an alphabet.Constantine was distraught, and was worried that if he invents an alphabet for them he'll be labelled a heretic.By the end of the century, Gnyozdovo's importance as a trade centre had been completely supplanted by nearby Smolensk.

The regional centre could have been moved from Gnyozdovo to Smolensk at some point following the Christianisation of Rus by Vladimir the Great.

Like Smolensk at a later period, Gnyozdovo flourished through trade along the Dnieper going south to Constantinople and north over portages to the Dvina and the Lovat, two rivers flowing to the Baltic Sea.

The settlement declined in the early years of the 11th century, simultaneously with other Varangian trade stations in Eastern Europe.

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