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He is currently the co-founder and Chairman of Indicative, a data analytics startup.Shelly is a frequent Tech entrepreneur and Advisor who works at the intersection of Technology, Politics and Innovation.Currently, Shelly is developing Shatter Capital, a funding platform for women led startups.Shatter accelerates women’s role in tech and offers guidance and support from idea to delivery.Tech Hill is based on Shelly’s keen understanding of the challenges faced by innovative companies, where Technologies outpace state and federal legislation and regulations.Shelly has extensive experience in aligning public sector officials with relevant private sector stakeholders around a specific issue to drive actionable results. Shelly developed Root Square, an innovative, incentive-driven online fundraising tool designed to enable political candidates and non-profits to raise funds across social media sites.

After launching her first startup in college, she went on to found 4 more tech startups, and is currently the Managing Director of Start Co.

In 2015 he was featured in as “One of 8 VCs Making Waves“.

He serves on the Board of Pinks and Greens and an Advisor to Hire an Esquire, Tactile Finance and San Francisco based Swoop Talent . Adam is and member of and/or advisor to several angel groups including 37 Angels and Astia Angel where he is a founding Angel and chairs the Astia East Coast Advisory Board.

Shelly also started the Veterans Training Council to train and connect honorably discharged veterans with skills to prepare them for 21st century careers in top-notch companies.

Shelly is one of eight female CEOs appointed to the National Women’s Business Council in the Obama Administration and was a member of the President’s delegation to India in January 2015.

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