Intimidating a witness uk

In cases of physical or sexual assault, the investigator has an early opportunity to obtain forensic material from the victim or their clothing, and potentially other witnesses.

This material may include body fluids or other cellular or fibre transfers.

A witness is considered as a person, other than a defendant, who is likely to give evidence in court.

Section 16 Section 16 allows special measures for witnesses who are under 18 years of age or in circumstances where the court considers their evidence may be diminished due to that witness experiencing mental ill health, a significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning or where the witness has a physical disability or is suffering from a physical disorder.Investigating officers must, therefore, develop clear intelligence-led objectives for identifying witnesses.These will depend on the circumstances of the case but should include identifying settings and communities where witnesses are likely to be found.Fast-track interviews can also help with the overall witness interview strategy in terms of categorising witnesses as vulnerable, intimidated or significant, and prioritising formal interviews.By adopting a calm, reassuring interview style, investigators can establish the main points of what witnesses know about the incident.

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