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Ben Mc Adoo should fine Ereck Flowers a hefty sum for shoving a reporter Sunday night in Green Bay, or bench him for next Sunday’s first series against the visiting Baltimore Ravens, or for the first quarter — that is, if he doesn’t bench Flowers for his performance first. Mc Adoo and the Giants clearly already acted swiftly to show their second-year left tackle that this type of nonsense won’t fly.

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“Don’t ask me what a typical Brazilian is because I don’t know what a typical Brazilian is. “They've probably played better than they've ever done for a few weeks.”56.

All their shortcomings are on display for the world to see.

And five weeks in, with a 2-3 record and three-game losing streak, this is starting to look like an intimidating number of fires for a rookie, 39-year-old head coach to put out.

Mc Adoo had nothing to lose if he challenged the call: He had one timeout remaining that he would lose for an unsuccessful challenge, but he was going to use the timeout anyway.

He opted not to challenge, called his final timeout at the mark, and most unusually said of the sequence: “Didn’t see anything that would make me want to challenge.

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