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Fortunately, none of those devices are Windows-based PCs, or run a variant of the Windows operating system.(Win XP, Win Vista, Win7, Win8, etc.) As an elementary classroom teacher in Lubbock, Texas, I wrote and published the article “Wagging the Dog in Educational Technology: Elevating ‘IT’ Into the Classroom” in January 1999.The growing ubiquity of technology in our lives has made many parents into accidental home IT managers.How many different laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile phone computers do the people in your household now operate and use?Again according to the EFF: Nobody knows how many computers are infected with malware, but informed estimates range from 40% to almost 90% of computers running Windows operating systems.Infection rates are lower for Mac OS and Linux systems, but this is not necessarily because Windows is an easier target.(The overwhelming majority of existing malware targets only a single particular operating system.) In our family our number of home wifi devices is an astonishing 17.

This isn’t science fiction, it’s real, and it’s the way hackers gain access to personal bank accounts and more (including Windows OS-based webcams) on the computers people use every day.According to the EFF’s “Malware” page on their Surveillance Self-Defense site: Malware is a catch-all term refering to software that runs on a computer and operates against the interests of the computer’s owner.Computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, “spyware”, rootkits and key loggers are often cited as subcategories of malware.Fortunately, updating mobile device software has become MUCH easier, thanks to Apple’s App Store model.Lots of people gripe about i Tunes, but the app store model represents a HUGE leap forward for computing from a security standpoint. The success of this model in streamlining the software updating process for users has caused Apple to create an App store for its line of laptop and desktop computers too. Two years ago at the Google Geo-Teacher’s Institute in Lewiston, Maine, I had my first opportunity to use a Chromebook.

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