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Having three people down within one challenge was unprecedented and it quickly became clear that this was a very serious situation.At that point, the executive producer part of me takes over and the only priority is everybody’s wellbeing.And a note worth making: Later in the day as we were doing our debriefing, our safety and security team reminded me that despite being in the middle of a jungle in the middle of an ocean, that Caleb was in the air on a chopper with a doctor at his side within twenty two minutes of collapsing.And, he was being tended to in a hospital not long after that.You’ve had a bunch of really scary scenarios over the years with contestants losing consciousness.How does the Caleb situation compare to other ones like Russell Swan? This was the most frightened I’ve been in all my time on .

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, a lot to get to with this triple threat medical situation.

Even for the first few moments after they put the oxygen mask on, Caleb didn’t respond.

Then, out of nowhere, he took a breath and suddenly the color returned, his face filled out again and in a matter of seconds he was back. I don’t imagine Caleb has any idea what he went through and watching the episode was probably very emotional for him and his family.

It was just moments after the challenge ended that things really took a turn.

Caleb and Cydney both dropped within a minute of each other.

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