Is taryll jackson dating

You also have to set boundaries too; someone elses misery that they choose to stay in does not have to become yours.

@ Getting Privacy: IMO, theres nothing wrong w/admiring celebs, etc. A person should have their own life & work to make any improvements needed.

:) We know the Kardashians and the Jacksons always had a strong bond between them but................

We all learned TJ used to go out with Kim during the 90's while Taryll used to date and live with Kourtney in the 00's but we didn't find out why Taj and Kloe never got together - didn't he find Kloe attractive or vice versa?

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We all have a lot of bad things to say about Taryll and Breana because of what the audience have seen on fix my life and the next generation but I don't think the other two and probably their spouses are any better.So if all this is true, the answer is simple, LEAVE.Let Taryll take care of the kids because it looks like she is unable to support them at this time. Like you said, maybe this is all manufactured or maybe they dont want it to end.I do agree that a false image of their relationship is being portrayed. For the fans in the know, I doubt they're jealous of Breana.Personally, a person who I admire & could be jealous of is Shana Mangatal, (slightly off topic).

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