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Show creator Tyra Banks explained to The Boston Herald her decision process: "The reason why I hired Janice Dickinson is because I read her book (No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel), and that book represented every single thing that I have never done. I thought I could have someone like Janice because she's so outrageous." Banks stated that she thought Dickinson provided a warning to models not to follow the path she had taken because it had proved dangerous:" When she's telling a girl, 'Don't do this,' she's saying, 'Don't do this because it didn't work for me.' I thought it was a good balance." In the interview with Kevin Frazier she stated her account was the truth: "It is not a lie. I have to speak up and you have to be able to go in and just be brave and do it for all the women that can't come forward." She explained her motivation for going public and her desire for her voice to be heard: "The loss of innocence that I suffered and that these women suffered is why I'm sitting here today.

Every single thing that I have never experienced." Banks elaborated that she wanted a judge on the program that had gone through issues in her modeling career that she herself had not: "I sit all the time and talk to girls and say, 'Don't drink.

While performing work as a model she takes the time to gain knowledge about the craft of photography and fashion.

Dickinson describes how she originated the term "supermodel".

Initially she was rejected by everyone in America due to her ethnic looks but that did not stop Dickinson to make a name for herself in France where her exotic looks were admired.

In recent years she has appeared on numerous reality television shows, like: ‘America’s Top Model’, ‘Top Models’, ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of here’, ‘The Surreal’, ‘Come Dime With Me’, etc.And I will never, ever respond to anybody—man, woman, vegetable, or mineral—who tells me to keep my mouth shut. The review concluded: "The book is sometimes predictable and psychologically simplistic, but Dickinson comes across as a triumphant survivor.Alter what I've been through, I don't think so, pal." She stated: "I wrote this book to urge people not to keep secrets. Her willingness to recognize her own flaws makes it easy to relate to her positive message and should inspire readers searching for solutions to career and personal conflicts." The review praised the author's ability at being: "honest enough to acknowledge the stimulating aspects of success and glamour, explaining why they lure insecure personalities and imprison them past the point of no return." In a 2002 article, Knight Ridder Newspapers characterized the book as: "a brave, profane memoir of her escape from childhood abuse into the even more risky whirl of bright lights, big cities and spiraling self-destruction." A subsequent article in 2003 by Knight Ridder Newspapers wrote: "what makes Dickinson's tome stand out from all the other Hollywood memoirs is that she has a cheeky sense of humor about her self-absorption." Of the author's path to success recounted in the book, the International Herald Tribune wrote: "Janice Dickinson had a cometlike trajectory as an early supermodel in the 1980s, which she has recounted in her raunchy life story". I never did it.' But there's only so much you can preach to someone if you've never done it.Film rights to the book were purchased by Warner Bros. Women's Wear Daily praised the author's comedic style in the work.Knight Ridder Newspapers wrote positively of the author's courage at describing difficult experiences from her past.

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