Jessica biel and ben barnes dating

CS: What about working with Colin Firth and the relationship you established with him? I always thought this guy must be so funny in real life, but I wasn’t sure… CS: Have you met with Michael Apted again since the first time?It’s really interesting that the two of you are doing two movies together, practically back-to-back. Barnes: I met him on the set of “Prince Caspian” and I met him once after that.No one I knew of had heard of “Easy Virtue” though. ” It’s this kind of claustrophobic odd play that’s a little dark and it’s not so much fun. Barnes: I was a huge fan of everything they did with it. I didn’t like you in that,” and I’m like, “Well, you do realize I was doing a job, which was fueling this war of wits between the women?I was literally ringing college professors, my old ones, saying “‘Easy Virtue’ – anything to say about that? CS: Were you able to find the original play to read? They were very mischievous with it and stripped it bare. ” You have to be rooting for the couple at the beginning and by the end, you don’t have to mind that (SPOILER). If you go with the story and you like the film, then you did like what I did ’cause I would have ruined it otherwise.In the movie, Barnes’ wife is played by the vivacious Jessica Biel, who rumor has it, so enamored Barnes that he was bringing flowers to her on their first meeting and didn’t necessarily have to act to be smitten with her. He said (puts on Aussie accent) “I never give actors parts without actually meeting them,” and I was like, “Well, you just did.” CS: Were you familiar with Noel Coward’s work?Having interviewed Barnes a number of times before, we already knew that he was more than just a pretty face, but actually a rather articulate and intelligent young man, so it was great to talk to him about something other than the Telemarine prince… I just got an Email from Steph, “I saw you in ‘Stardust,’ you have to do this film, that’s it.” And then he wanted me to send a tape of one of the scenes, which I then did in L. You went to drama school so you must have known some of it. I did English and drama at university, which is more academic.But yeah, I’d love to do more out ‘n’ out funny parts at some point, but I’ll have to wait until they come along. So they have the museum version so now our job is to make one that’s exciting to a 19-year-old today, as well as the book lovers.(Barnes mentioned earlier that he’d love to do an Apatow-like comedy.)CS: We’ve heard the stories about you bringing Jessica flowers, but what was it like bringing in an American actor who hadn’t been trained into this environment with all of these trained British actors? CS: Which is interesting because “Easy Virtue” is trying to do a similar thing. I think Coward you have a tough sell with a teenage crowd. CS: I can’t imagine it being a huge problem, because I’m not sure how many people are really aware of the original Oscar Wilde story.

It’s got some interesting subtext and things, and it seems more relevant than it probably was intended to be.

Was it hard getting her into that environment or did that add to her working in the role? That’s why she came so late I think, just because it was helpful to her actually to be unprepared and it was helpful for her to be a stranger, because then when you’re introduced to the family in the scene, it helps. I think “Dorian Gray,” you have a better chance because it’s sort of got the “Sweeney Todd” element. It’s a very tough challenge tonally, I think, but they’re just getting the music just right and they’re doing it right now, trimming it down a little bit, but it tested really well, so we’ll see. I’m most precious about that one out of all the films I’ve done. Barnes: That’s what I think and there’ll be a few people up in arms about giving one of the lead characters a daughter and things like that, but actually, it helps serve the story and make it more visual, and that’s the point of a movie. CS: Of course, you’re going to go shoot “Dawn Treader” very soon. It was supposed to go the January before last, that was the original plan. there’s the beginning where he dives in and saves Lucy, there’s all the cool stuff with the golden pond.

Anything you can do to imbue yourself with that sense of… Also, because it’s so much more adult and gory, I think that’s why you’ve got a better shot at getting the teenagers. I want that one to work the most, because it’s such a great story. Have you read a script or started training or anything for it yet? CS: You’ve known for a long time that you were going to do the movie eventually. I know as much as anyone who has read the “Dawn Treader” book. CS: Is there anything in the book you’re excited about doing? I think the Lucy stuff, and the monopods where she goes to the Professor’s room and sees her past, that’ll be cool.

Set in the early 1930s, Larita (Jessica Biel) meets John Whittaker (Ben Barnes) in Monaco.

They marry and he takes his bride to the family mansion near Flintham in rural Nottinghamshire to meet his mother, Veronica Whittaker (Kristin Scott Thomas) and father, Major Jim Whittaker (Colin Firth) and his two sisters, Hilda (Kimberley Nixon) and Marion (Katherine Parkinson).

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