Jewish guy dating a black christian

We may say "Well they're just paintings, it's not a big deal.

This detail alone leaves open the possibility that Jesus may have been black.So accept our dominance on earth as well…"Now, in our modern world, reality has finally caught up and overtaken antiquated deception.While it is impossible to prove what colour Jesus was (unless we unearthed a 2000 year old Polaroid photograph of the famous rabbi) we have to be open to the possibility that he may have not only have been a man of color. As our Aryan portrayal of the Messiah comes to a screeching halt, I often hear an emotional response from white Christians.When presented with the theory that their saviour was black white Christians often say, "He may not have been white, but he wasn't black! The Bible says that black people lived among the Israelite ranks.We know this because an entire book - The Song of Solomon - was essentially love poetry about the beauty of King Solomon’s wife!

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