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In 2003, due to his first original album, he was nominated for the OMA's 'Outstanding Songwriter of the Year' and for 'Outstanding Debut Male'. He took third place in the International Songwriting Competition for his song When Love Comes Back Again. '(Joan Jett) and these artists had really strong hooks and melodies, which is what I focus on with my music, in terms of hooks and chorus," he said. 'Back in those days, people really put on a show.' As a child of the 80s, Zuckerman remembers these artists very well and 20 years later tries to incorporate these antics into his own musical and performance stylings." Before his recording music career, Josh Zuckerman was a teacher at Highlands Elementary School in Highlands, New Jersey. It is a CD of original music geared to children of early elementary school age. Josh Zuckerman and his band members have donated much of their musical talents performing for many charitable events including the American Red Cross, HRC for kids in NYC, 4-H for kids, Relay for Life (a breast cancer benefit), The Matthew Shepard Foundation, The Robert Mapplethorpe Residence and The Rivington House for people affected by HIV and many others. After the album's release, the first single Out From Under, soared to number one for four weeks on Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006. This album received high praise for the production value and lyrics by magazines and indie critics with reviews from Edge Magazine - Boston, Time Out NYC. After Super Storm Sandy devastated the New Jersey Shore, Zuckerman and his band performed fundraisers to help raise money for the victims of the disaster. The tracks Be Real and Something Inside would do the same several weeks later. Taking Care Of Me Josh Zuckerman's third album, Got Love? Bay Windows - New England, PM Entertainment and Instinct Magazine; among many others. Josh Zuckerman's first album, A Totally New Sensation, was released on the indie label PLH Records in 2002. Josh is country, he's edgy, he's sophisitcated and he's playful. Zuckerman performed nationally with a full band in support of Got Love?

In 2014, Josh Zuckerman released his fifth original, studio album titled - Background Static of Perpetual Discontent. Some of his original music has been featured on TV shows. , Out From Under, A Totally New Sensation and the single All I Want For Christmas with the former band '-China White', with friend and drummer, Paul Galiszewski. Josh Zuckerman writes, records and performs original music and plays the guitar, violin and some piano.

With the first single receiving online attention by national media and through print publications, my career was catapulted to a new level." This album was recorded and produced by longtime friend and bass player, from the defunct band 'China White', Edward Dalley. Good thing for us." "Josh sings, 'I don't give a damn, as long as I am true to who I am,' in his sophomore album, Out From Under.

And, evident by the album's title track holding first place for many weeks on the Sirius Out Q Radio Hot List, audiences everywhere love him for it." ~ Jason P. In 2007, Josh Zuckerman performed for former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, Jon Corzine, and other prominent Democratic Party members.

The Josh Zuckerman discography includes 5 CDs with Background Static of Perpetual Discontent, Mr. His music is distributed nationally throughout the U. He performs nationally with original music and some cover songs by other musicians, per the credits on his five album liner notes.

He has released 15 music videos, some featured on MTV-Beta and VH1 Online, Logo,, his website and his page.

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