Kinect naughty web cam fun

But worry not, PS4 owner looking to spice up their gaming sessions. “Simply put, the Xbox One is a gateway for porn of the future,” Sugar DVD CEO Jax Smith said, no doubt to the delight of Microsoft execs.“The PS4 is pretty, but Xbox One allows for more seamless integration and a more interactive experience.” It also turns out that Sony users have their own adult possibilities thanks to Sony’s “Playroom” app, the system’s live streaming options, and a plethora of people that really need to better understand boundaries.

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Apps are more suited to adapt to different screen sizes.

the Xbox One is superior,” Rebecca Bolen, a rep for Sugar DVD, claimed.

Using the Xbox One’s gesture controls through the Kinect, subscribers are able to get to the action faster by physically grabbing the pages and categories they want to load, the same basic gestures that you can use on the console’s dashboard.

* Moving your arm,hand,wrist = ALWAYS takes longer and more effort than just using fingers.

* Motion control is LESS EFFICIENT * I like that Kinect exists, but I don't think they are smart enough to use it in fun ways.

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