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Mistress Candice, Marlene Willoughby, Joey Karson, George Payne, Ron Jeremy. Mistress Candice, Long Jeanne Silver, Ashley Moore. Linda Wong was the first Asian American porn star, and remains one of the industry’s sexiest and most exotic Chinese performers to this day. 57m.) Young women recount having their cherries popped and lesbian sleepover flings! 62m.) Holmes is a drug dealer who uses a porn movie to blackmail a sexy chick into selling one last batch of coke for him. Holmes’ hilarious narration is the icing on the cake to the classic scenes of him spearing young girls with his 12” meat rocket. 59m.) Holmes plays a horny sailor in this exploration of the mysterious world of adult personal ads. Three cuddly maidens use their country charms to dry up the feds! 57m.) Pigtailed hillbilly teens do their best to get knocked up down on the farm. 60m.) Naïve blonde Georgian teen is used and abused in the big city. Other films include: A devious anal villain in Hard Black Love - Pam’s Ass!

Plenty of lesbian pussy parties are present, plus deep fuck treatments by the era’s most proficient cocksmen! Linda Wong, Annette Haven, Candida Royalle, Leslie Bovee, Joey Silvera. Big John plays “a very special kind of private dick”. Bobby Astyr, Linda Lovemore, Marc Stevens.) Federal agents attempt to dry up Elbow Bend, Kentucky’s flow of moonshine. Bobby Astyr, Marc Stevens.) The Fantasy Club meets to explore interracial fucking, orgies, double penetrations and more. The legendary Johnny Keyes can barely fit into the tight winking holes of Serena and Chris Cassidy!

Combines the pages of the Kenneth Anger book, early film footage and reenactments of infamous Hollywood scandals (most involving sex! The all star cast of this Shaun Costello film includes Tina Russell, Marc Stevens as Joe Cock, and Jamie Gillis as the drummer! APPOINTMENT WITH AGONY 1976 Cast: Vanessa Del Rio Scumbags capture and humiliate a hitchhiker and a family of four. PREY OF A CALL GIRL 1975 A murder investigation leads to a hooker and lots of steamy rough sex.

Joe Rock Superstar (1976, 54m) follows the erotic exploits of a rocker with a 9 inch instrument. Wall to wall graphic orgies, up close whip wounds, and crucifixion! LINDA CANT STOP aka THE BIG THING 1973 Cast: Tina Russell, Andrea True, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens Smokers use hedonistic orgies as a method of kicking the habit. Always one step behind, the investigating police detective must enlist the services of a former call girl to rescue the kidnapped woman and bust the ring.

Christy's husband Peter North has a cheating heart. Also included is an additional 30 minutes of excellent loops and scenes featuring the lovely Miss Wong’s tight Asian pussy slurping the come out of fat white cocks! One of the wildest and roughest films of the early 70’s. The thick shaft of the seldom seen Red Baron is the width of a soda can, and he plugs super busty Annie Sprinkle like a rhino! A smiling Asian sex pot is plugged by a young Joey Silvera in China Girl.

Christy introduces her favorite fuck scenes including a 3 guy gang bang. This notorious all star “roughie” is a must see for anyone who considers themselves an aficionado of the genre. Rene Bond, Suzanne Fields, Ric Lutz.) Vacationing college kids are terrorized by an uncouth biker gang. Hard bodied black stud Johnny Keyes shoves his black shaft into white women like there’s no tomorrow. Includes many more rare European 1970s shorts, presented here on DVD for the first time! An extremely sexy girl takes the big cock of a scruffy drifter in Hong Kong Dong.

Presented here is her complete feature Coed Fantasy (1979, 60m) alongside an additional 60m of rare loops and scenes. This collection concentrates on her early material and is the perfect tour through the career of this unforgettable legend. Older couples teach their darlings to squeeze huge cocks up their asses, Ron Jeremy slides his long shaft up the butt of a pigtailed bra buster, and a sweet beauty lets her boyfriend poke both of her bald holes! The undisputed champion of anal swordplay, King Paul, works his famous cock magic in 2 raunchy ass gaping scenes!

Two slutty teens are cruising for trouble, and they find it. A little girl with strawberry blonde hair and a pretty face, Merle loved to get a hand dick slid up her ass and have come drip down her chin. Originally cast in teenage roles in the late 70s, her career spanned into the 90s where she appeared in fetish and bondage videos. Hershel Savage.) Obscure plotless fuckfest from the bow-chicka-wow school. Little Lysa Thatcher and Crystal Dawn learn a game from an older friend who shoves his cock down both of their pink ass-pipes! The repairman, their husband, the young neighbor, they really don’t care, as you will see here in this hand picked collection of vintage films! The black knights have arrived to thrust their swords into their maiden’s delicate anal sheaths!

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Dream girl Annette Haven seduces a cabbie and brings him to the "House of F", a bizarre sex factory where sexual fantasies (and nightmares) come true. The Devil (Johnny Keyes) sends a pair of sexy succubae to corrupt a virgin sorority so the sexy coeds wind up with him in hell! The filthiest 1970’s loops featuring cavity stretching double penetrations are all here! John Holmes and his buddy stretch busty blond Chris Cassidy to the limit and more! Young ladies playing in the bedroom when their parents have gone away!

Candy Samples, Rene Bond, Suzanne Fields, Eve Orlon, Ric Lutze. Loop collection featuring Vanessa and other Avon stars in filthy XXX fucking. Milky returns in Make Mine Milk (1978, 60m) and she’s still gushing warm dairy droplets for any horny man or woman who needs a drink. It's an entertaining deviation from Joe's erotic urban nightmares, without sacrificing the high frequency fucking and perfect casting that's his trademark.

Violent and action packed sexploitation western featuring Candy as a brothel worker who smothers a guy's face with her hanging udders before giving him her wet hole. Vanessa shines as a sassy greaser chic whose bad ass boyfriend greases her up for pleasure. Vanessa Del Rio, Ashley Moore, Dir: Shaun Costello. In young Vanessa's first XXX scene she sucks two cocks at once and is then deeply penetrated in both holes! Vanessa Del Rio, Gloria Leonard, Sharon Mitchell, Bobby Astyr. These secret little loops represent some of the hottest in rare 1970’s films! Tonight at the Dirty Drive In, a protein filled spectacular! A horny woman opens up her nursing bra and lets all of her neighbors drink all they want!

Her new friends take it upon themselves to turn her into a huge slut so they can use her body as a treat at an upcoming fraternity initiation. Horror movie theatrics and atmospheric photography make it one of Phil Prince's most distinct films. Detective Steve Tucker follows the leads to a sleazy photo studio right on the Deuce, where Electra leads her double life with the assistance of photographer Marlene Willoughby and her musclemen models George Payne and Dave Ruby. is strapped into a chair with an electrified dildo up her cunt. Mc Cord investigates, locates the people whose lives have been touched by Susan, and flashbacks show the viewer the incredible group sex the young nymphet inspired. He forces them into sex at knifepoint as he unleashes a torrent of verbal abuse, climaxing in stabbings. A married couple plot to have their 14-year-old daughter (Sharon Mitchell) committed to a mental institution for nymphomania, so that they can steal her inheritance. The film opens with an incredibly hot scene between Richard and Eileen Anserm, played by uncredited Russ Carlson and Roseanne Farrow-earlier seen in Two Lives of Jennifer, also a Russ Carlson grinder. When Caine discovers the November conspiracy of Coney Island, his pal Lefty Jacobs (Ashley Moore) clues him in on the 'housewives to the middle East' slave ring and the powerful U. 13 drug, courtesy of a film featuring uncredited R. A young new leader rounds up all the fanatics for the re-initiation process. Claudia, a girl from Greenwich Village, clones famous film star's cocks and makes a mint through extortion. An antisocial, troubled and confused Jamie Gillis peeks at his stewardess neighbor. Another two-fisted collection of Times Square's most infamous 42nd Street XXX sleaze cinema. All hell breaks loose, when séance happy swingers unleash the sadistic spirit of De Sade. Her friends search for her, but one by one they too are strung up and forced to endure daddy's cock. THE CHATEAU AKA CHATEAU OF DISCIPLINE Sandy Carey, Suzanne Fields.

In Debbie Does Hawaii (1975, 78m) a sexy blonde virgin goes off to college in Hawaii. The female dominance angle is harnessed by Cheri Champagne, who gives the long suffering Alan "Spike" Adrian a wicked session. George gives Ambrosia Fox his particular brand of religious instruction. One of director Phil Prince's best and most personal films. He's stunned when his prudish wife (Mistress Electra) turns up in one. But wait a minute..just had a one-night stand with a girl who sounds exactly like this Susan, and she gave him the wildest sex imaginable. Written and directed by Helmut Richler (Shaun Costello). Pre-Deep Throat fame, Harry Reems plays a shell-shocked vet just back from Vietnam, pumping gas and following women home after they use his service station. Roger Caine plays private eye Dan Mc Cord and his case involves finding a missing wife caught up in a white slavery ring. plays Barbara Benedict, mistress to Russ and best friend of his wife, who arranges for Sultana (black starlet Gloria Todd) and her thug henchmen (Herschel Savage and Dave Ruby) to kidnap and drug Roseanne. He attempts to sell his latest story; his account of his investigation into her kinky other personality. Cast: Sharon Mitchell A group of sex cultist find their leader has been done in. A taboo-breaking film dealing with enemas and scat. COWGIRLS IN CHAINS Multiple men share submissive women; A young tramp masturbates her asshole on the back of a donkey and invites two guys to join in, and a guy gives his buddy a bondage lesson that their soft skinned captive will never forget. Takes the 'Story of O' to another level, where piercing, beating, severe discipline and even death are all part of being the perfect slave. A slutty model is kidnapped and enjoys lesbianism with her captive companion. SECRET DESIRE A rampaging father ties his own daughter in the attic and attacks her mercilessly. The raunchy loop style hardcore is spiced with rope bondage, catfights, close up syringe injections, and mannequin fucking.

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