Koyuki kato how is she dating

Koyuki and Dororo are both partners and good friends, since Koyuki's reason to come to Tokyo was to help Dororo reunite with his comrades, only to find that Dororo was forgotten by the rest of his platoon, especially his childhood friend, Keroro.Koyuki first met Dororo (Zeroro back then) while still living in her ninja village, and there, Dororo learned about the beauty of Earth and its nature, explaining his reluctant attitude towards the more Earth-threatening plans of Keroro.They have a similar connection in the anime, she likes to spend time with him, as does he.Giroro and Koyuki appear to have a fierce rivalry caused by Koyuki's tendency to hang around Natsumi and get too close to her, which causes Giroro to become extremely jealous and drive him to the point of fury.However, when Natsumi discovered that Koyuki was Dororo's partner, they began to spend more time with each other.

Koyuki and Dororo have a very strong sibling-like bond, they obviously get along very well.

Koyuki was very carefree and friendly, while Mukuro was solitary and silent most of the time.

When Mukuro tried to break free from the village's ninja customs by running away, Koyuki saved her from the punishment with her strong heart and loyalty to her.

Episode 98 of the anime tells that Koyuki's entire past life before meeting Dororo or coming to Inner Tokyo was filled with training.

Koyuki lived in a small hidden ninja village as a child and was only close to Mukuro, a fellow female ninja and Koyuki's childhood friend, and Shigure (anime only).

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