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In the fifteenth century, fearful that newcomers would import Islamic or heathen practices, the Church mandated the baptism of slaves from Africa, and later extended the requirement across the Catholic Americas.Slaves were sometimes baptized while still in Africa, mid-voyage, or upon their arrival in the New World.Of Arará descent (traceable to modern-day Benin), she was born into slavery.The holy rites were witnessed by her godfather, Joseph, who, like Ana’s parents, was a slave of one Don Juan Joseph de Justis.Among the oldest church records located by ESSSS are those from St.Augustine, Florida, which date from the 1590s and show a multiracial community of Spanish settlers, Africans, and Native Americans.“They predate the standard narrative of African-American history in the U. The first recorded baptism of a black person in St.

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Ecclesiastical sources also confirmed that the illicit importation of Africans into North America continued well after the U. and Britain formally abolished the transatlantic slave trade in 1807, as slaves were brought into Florida, which was still under Spanish rule, and trafficked northward into the United States.

It is the most extensive continuous record we have of the African diaspora in the Americas and offers new insights into the history of countries that still struggle with the political, economic, and social legacies of slavery.

That these records exist is due chiefly to the reach of the Catholic Church in colonial Latin America, explains Jane Landers, a historian who leads the ESSSS project at Vanderbilt University.

Rates of manumission in Latin America were considerably higher than in the North American colonies, and there was a greater degree of intermarriage between races.

Thus for theological and practical reasons, Catholic spiritual and sacramental requirements applied to free and enslaved alike.

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