Lauren conrad dating ralph lauren

Of course, whether Polo Bar is a home run or a fiasco one month or six months from now is another story. Its 132 seats, some in cozy nooks, offer grand people-watching.Not that it was wall-to-wall boldfaces Tuesday, when the crowd boasted lots of well-coifed ladies and their dandy dates — but not celebs like Charlie Rose and Ivanka Trump seen last week."I went into a wig store and tried on a brown wig, and they all laughed at me," Conrad recalls."All these women [who worked there] were like, 'You look like Hannah Montana.'" So today, in a quest for a little peace and quiet, if not complete anonymity, she agreed to don a brown wig as a social experiment for Bazaar.It wasn't just the wig that had onlookers confused and excited, it was L. I think Tori Spelling's one too" — a huge fan base as well as a reported ,000 per episode.

I had to consult a director of photography when I picked the paint for my walls because I had to have set lighting in my living room and kitchen." Coming to a full boil, she adds, "I had to have separate birthday parties for my filming and nonfilming friends."It should come as no surprise that Conrad now insists, "It's a closed book. Against everyone else's will, I'm trying to take a break."The reality, however, is that "they" — meaning Conrad's people, perhaps, or the American public — "want me right back on television.Off she trotted to paparazzi haunts in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills to see if she would still be mobbed by fans and cameramen from TMZ.("The last three concerts I went to, I was removed by security because I was a fire hazard," Conrad says drily.I don't know Lauren Co9nrad, and she really doesn't have the voice for cartoons, but this young actress gives it her best in an episode where Brian is about to see his one true love, Jiilian, marry another.Somehow, mainly to do with alcohol, Brian ends up in the sack with Conrad, and this makes big news as Conrad is a celebrity.

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