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DJs spin sets of hip-hop, reggaeton, and Latin beats. (85 Avenue A, New York, NY) Crème de la Femme: Every Wednesday night at Union Square Ballroom, promoter Maggie C.

(301 West 39th Street, New York, NY) Also: The divey hipster gay bar Nowhere (East 14th street between 1st & 2nd Ave), with its pool tables and reasonably-priced drinks, attracts a mixed crowd all week as well as hosting Ladies Nights. is a bi-monthly butch burlesque party featuring some of NYC’s hottest gender-bending talents, such as L-Boogie, Goldie Peacock, Susan Herr, and Drae Campbell. hosts Creme de la Femme (CDLF), one of Manhattan’s most popular femme (and femme chaser) nights. (27 Union Square West, New York, NY) girl NATIONnyc: B&T (short for “bridge and tunnel,” a term used by Manhattanites to describe visitors who come into the city via those routes) flock to this Saturday night party for shots out of plastic test tubes and sweaty dancing. You won’t need to own a leotard from American Apparel or a pair of bejeweled Christian Louboutins to fit in here.

At this relaxing and clock-free event, you\'ll meet a bunch of other fabulous singles without once hearing a bell.

And if you\'re talking to a cute guy or girl, the host will not tell you move on aft Join us at Hudson Terrace for a fabulous night of flirtation and fun.

We organize events in a variety of themes and formats to give singles the best opportunity to meet people who have similar interests and within their age group.

Below are the speed dating themes we currently offer in New York, however new themes are created to meet the needs of our NYC singles: For those with the energy, you\'ll have between 30 and 50 first dates, each lasting 3 minutes and then you choose who you want to meet again.

A couple of months ago, I attended an art symposium and one of the speakers, a lesbian writer, was a tried and true Brooklynite who had spent a great deal of time in Manhattan’s Bowery neighborhood during the 1980s.

She reminisced about how the iconic Bowery was once a seedy bohemian area known for being an epicenter of punk music and underground art before gentrification replaced homeless heroin addicts and rat infested lofts with high rise condominiums and trendy cafes.

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If you want to eat a sloppy taco with Rachel Maddow, head over to La Rosita Grocery & Taqueria (526 W 47th Street, New York, NY) in Hell’s Kitchen.

That said, I thought I’d throw in some restaurants with a lesbian/bi following for good measure.

There are only two Cowgirl restaurants in the country: one in Santa Fe and one in Manhattan (519 Hudson Street, New York, NY).

(438 Hudson Street, New York, NY) Escualita: While Escualita’s website appears to cater primarily to men, this LGBTQ club does have its own lesbian scene with all of the drama and incestuousness found in lesbian-specific bars. the Gaysha) hosts Choice at Drom on the last Friday of every month.

However, there is a true sense of LGBTQ community here; it is not unusual to find a butch rocking a sideways cap playfully putting dollar bills into a drag queen’s bra. Each party has a different theme and celebrity photographer Maro Hagopian is there to capture all of the debauchery inspired by resident DJ Leslie Van Stelten’s panty dropping mixes.

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