Liquidating my assets Kayak xxx

If you're taking only the required minimum distributions from your IRA, you probably don't need the money.This is good, because it provides some discretion as to which asset categories you'll tap into for your distributions.Nearly 70 percent of seniors will receive such help sometime during their old age—usually at home, but often in a nursing home. One in five of us will need long term care assistance for five years or more.An elder law attorney can help ease those costs and burdens.

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Before you make any decisions about what to liquidate for RMD, you should consider meeting with a financial and/or tax adviser to review your entire investment portfolio.

Bond income benefits the most from the deferred tax treatment of an IRA because, in or out of a plan, bond income is always taxed as ordinary income with no special treatment.

As noted by CNN Money, Treasury inflation-protected securities benefit the most as their principal increases in line with inflation, meaning you'll want to defer taxes on those as long as you possibly can.

Second, your cash is probably getting the lowest return of all your IRA assets, meaning you'll lose the least in the way of deferred taxation.

Under current tax law, stocks and stock funds enjoy less of a benefit from the deferred tax treatment for IRAs.

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