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These two sets of snares were also operated with levers attached to the outside of the drum shell.

Like the Standard-Sensitive model, The New Era-Sensitive model apparently did not catch on with the drummers of 1929 and appears to have been discontinued by 1930.

That year, the company celebrated its Twenty-Five year anniversary and in honor of this achievement, they unveiled the Silver Anniversary line of snare drums.

The Super-Ludwig, Super-Sensitive, and Standard models all received a new look.

In late 1941, a three position strike plate was added behind the strainer lever, giving the modern Swing drummer the option of tight snares, loose snares or no snare sound at all. Government restrictions, very few metal parts were to be used for drum making.

Also that year, a rather novel snare drum called the In late 1941, the United States entered World War Two and by 1942, drum production was severely limited as resources were being redirected to the war effort. As a result, Ludwig & Ludwig produced a relatively small amount of Victory model drums.

Individual snare adjustment was possible by the use of a screw driver.

This was especially useful for gut snares which would loosen under certain humidity conditions.

A drummer could change from a set of gut snares to a set of silk-wire snares in a matter of minutes if desired.

The Standard-Sensitive model with the second set of internal snares was no longer offered.1938 saw yet another change in snare strainer design.

The Ludwig & Ludwig Standard models were fitted with a New Design Strainer which is usually referred to as the Standard three point strainer.

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