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Lenin’s death a week later only confirmed Trotsky’s isolation. The following fall he took a different tack in his essay , linking the opposition of Zinovyev and Kamenev to the October Revolution with the failure of the Soviet-inspired German communist uprising in 1923.

The party leadership replied with a wave of denunciation, counterposing Trotskyism to Leninism, denigrating Trotsky’s role in the Revolution, and denouncing the theory of permanent revolution as a Menshevik heresy.

Between Lenin’s position and Bukharin’s outright call for revolutionary war, Trotsky proposed the formula “no war, no peace.” When the Germans resumed their offensive in mid-February, the Bolshevik Central Committee was compelled to make a decision; Trotsky and his followers abstained from the vote, and Lenin’s acceptance of the German terms was endorsed. Trotsky chose to concentrate on developing a small but disciplined and professionally competent force.

His abandonment of the revolutionary ideal of democratization and guerrilla tactics prompted much criticism of his methods among other communists.

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Trotsky continued to function as the military leader of the Revolution when Kerensky vainly attempted to retake Petrograd with loyal troops.

In the aftermath, Trotsky was jailed and brought to trial in 1906.

While incarcerated, Trotsky wrote one of his major works, “Trotsky hailed the outbreak of revolution in Russia in February (March, New Style) as the opening of the permanent revolution he had predicted.

He organized and supervised the forces that broke Kerensky’s efforts at the Battle of Pulkovo on November 13.

Immediately afterward he joined Lenin in defeating proposals for a governments.

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