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There are also some new features coming to some of the apps Apple ships with mac OS, such as the ability to turn off autoplaying video in Safari, and new advanced editing tools in Photos.

You can also expect to see updates to: New features in Safari 11 will help you personalise your experience when surfing the web.

These changes to the core technologies include: High Sierra reminds us of Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Mac OS X Snow Leopard - two updates that built on the OS changes introduced in the previous year's versions (Lion and Leopard respectively), and focused more on the underlying technologies, with fewer changes to the outside.

Keeping Sierra as part of the name certainly seems to back this up.

Apple sells this as Intelligent Tracking Prevention which identifies trackers and keeps your browsing history between you and your internet provider rather than third parties.

What this means to users is that in mac OS High Sierra, Safari automatically blocks audio and video on every site visited unless you specifically tell Safari that you want to hear the audio/video playback.

Below you will see any details we have of problems with High Sierra, and where available the fix for them If you have a Fusion Drive you might want to hold of updating to High Sierra, although it should work fine, it just won’t be able to take advantage of one of the new features in High Sierra, the new Apple File System (APFS).

More on APFS below, APFS is limited to Macs with Flash storage (or SSDs).

With every new version of the Mac operating system there tend to be a few issues, despite the fact that Apple runs an intense beta testing program.

Apple's mac OS High Sierra, the newest version of its Mac and Mac Book operating system, is available now.

The updated software, which launched to the public on 25 September 2017, brings new core technologies, opportunities for developers looking to jump on the VR bandwagon, and refinements to apps such as Safari, Photos and Mail.

Because APFS was included in the early beta, anyone who was running the beta on a Fusion Drive equipped Mac may have issues if they try to update to the final version of High Sierra.

This shouldn't affect anyone who hasn't been running the beta version of High Sierra, but if you have been running High Sierra beta on your Fusion Drive equipped i Mac then beware that you will need to follow Apple's advice to convert your Fusion Drive back to the previous HFS format before installing High Sierra.

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