Mackenroth dating atomic dating using isotopes lab report

@Kyle1092 More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola. @Jason Keisling Missed Connection: You were in front of me at the rap battle. @Brian Hope Comedy From now on I will not be answering prayers. @Damien Fahey The next time there's an awkward silence, try whispering, "Did you forget your line? @Call Up To Me Its real cute how pedestrians confuse “right of way” with immortality. @The Tweet Of God Man Unaware All His Friends Think Of Him When They Want To Put Things Into Perspective ...I was the guy who kept saying, "Well that's inconsiderate" after each diss. @Mike Can Rant I hate when my friends stand so close to me when pictures are being taken. On a related note, I have never answered prayers...... @The Onion"Let's do 5 sets of squats & then try lifting for an hour.

Some of these tweets pre-date 2014 but are included because they showed up in my feed (as re-tweets) in the past 12 months. @polychromatik Guys, if a girl invites you upstairs for "coffee," first make sure she has coffee, you don't want to get up there and there's no coffee …Ozzy UNC Cat Negotiator: Ok, so we'll (poop) in a box in your house and you will clean it up Humans: And you will be a loyal friend Cat: hahahaha sure.... @Jason Lastname What's the purpose of the Jack in the Box? @Behind Your Back "He's making a list and checking it 50 times and storing his toenail clippings in a jar" - Santa Claus before he got his OCD under control ....Jason Miller (@Longwall26) [If my dog could talk] DUDE, IT'S BEEN 9 YEARS. I'M A GOOD [email protected] If he or she owns finger cymbals, chances are the sex will be [email protected] OBrien Do I misuse contractions? @Puddinstrip "Say Yes to the Tux" would consist of him picking out the 1st one he sees & then 28 minutes of him explaining to his fiancé why it's orange ...various "Doctor Who Survived Ebola: 'God Saved My Life'." Yep. Stephen Colbert Now that summer is unofficially over, it's "weird adults getting way too excited for Halloween" season ... Nathan The new i Phone is so powerful, it gently asks you to put your spouse away at parties.... @Ben Casselman If you use the word "females" as a man to refer to women you are bad in bed. Jason Miller (@longwall26) The rape allegations against Bill Cosby are a classic case of he said/she she she she she she she she she she she she she she and she said. @The Tweetof God "Yes, I'm still single and underemployed, but at least I'm not MARRYING CHARLES MANSON" --women at family holiday gatherings from now on .. @theresa_lauren Hi, I'm someone on Facebook that you went to high school with. [email protected]_w I'm going to open a store called Forever 31 that sells nothing but sweatpants and wine. @theresa_lauren Winter is great because it gets dark earlier and you can get a head start on your shady activities ... @The Tweet Of God Guys everything on the Crocs website is 35 percent off.And I killed the hundreds of Africans who died of it, because screw them…. Tim Siedell (@Bad Banana) Study Finds All-Consuming Self-Pity Best Way To Win Back Ex-Partner... [email protected] Tweet Of God If you stare in a mirror long enough and start screaming, you'll see angry faces of figures dressed in orange.* *only works at Home Depot.... Tim Siedell (@Bad Banana) The answer to the question "Can people really be that stupid? @Random Antics You can even hide a dead body in Terms & Conditions, No one will ever know. @mohitraj So voters want a higher minimum wage, legal pot, abortion access and GOP representation. @tweetingdadguy I live in fear that one day the real "World's Greatest Dad" is going to show up to reclaim his rightful mug. @marcmack Make good choices because ghosts are stuck with the haircut they died with .... So now you can rock the "I never get laid" look for less. @Isa_Chapman I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve visited Chernobyl… @Dan Mentos Your email inbox is a to-do list created by other people ...

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