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( bottom of this page) https:// Straspey January 29, 2017 at pm # UPDATE: I discovered how to stop MBAM from nagging that a new version is ready for installation.

It does that because the new version has already been downloaded to a hidden folder, which MBAM sees and wants to install.

Tech support agents from other security companies have been known to enlist help from Malwarebytes when all else fails.

I've been able to see it in action by infecting a test system and then challenging Malwarebytes to clean it up, using my hand-coded tools to verify its success.

I have tried downloading but that didn't do anything, probably because it scanned my installation and saw it was current. Tried version 3 a few weeks back to see what was new, uninstalled it rather quickly as it really was to unstable.

Is this a wider problem, my continued use of XP Pro, or is it just my system playing up? It was wanting to update all the time and register after a renewal, Even though he had paid and it said it was registered, it wasn't till after he went back into his account & re-registered that it finally stopped being a PITA Its almost as if it wasn't actually connecting correctly and reading the data base. re the XP--- While it can run on XP, its not fully working, as per the system Specs.

Also - don't forget to re-hide your Windows system folder in Windows Explorer.

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It has a very good reputation, but hard data showing its effectiveness is scarce.

Hi Team I am up to date with version 3.0.6 (Premium) but MWB seems to ignore that and keeps on nagging me to download and update.

It is becoming an annoying nuisance, but I can't find a way to stop it.

Having no Mac antivirus protection may not such a disaster as leaving your Windows or Android devices unprotected, but it's a bad idea to go without.

Malwarebytes has a top-notch reputation for wiping out malware even when other utilities fail.

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