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And what about all the extra costs involved with mail order prescription services?

There are prescriptions that are filled and delivered to patients that aren’t needed.

Meeting the comprehensive objectives of these training mandates requires a rare blend of subject matter expertise, training facilitation, and curriculum design that, if not implemented correctly, can turn a potentially enriching presentation into a dry lecture or a series of rote exercises that are as dull as they are repetitive.

But they should choose to use that service, not be forced into it by some contract their insurer wants.And that is how the idea was sold to the plan providers by the PBMs: cost savings.But patient preference seemed to take a back seat to money.Patients sometimes must also go to their local pharmacy to pick up an emergency supply of medications that were promised but not yet delivered. There are advantages to mail order pharmacy services. For maintenance medications, the convenience of a mail order service delivering medications right to one’s mailbox may be preferable for some patients.So how do we fight this mail order pharmacy trend if you are a traditional retail pharmacy?

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