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Perhaps we are all taking ourselves too seriously or possibly we are being too crass and general when we articulate so we offend others?

Katriona, British citizen living in Singapore We are different from each other in many respects, so what?

Rod Parkes, Hong Kong A stereotype, like a good joke, often has a grain of truth to it. The trouble comes when people see others only or primarily by means of stereotypes.

When this happens, the seeing of each individual as an individual stops and prejudice begins.

Globalisation means stereotypes are fading, within the EU, beyond the EU.

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Indeed, according to Jens-Peter Bonde, a Danish eurosceptic member of the European parliament, the remarks say much more about these particular politicians than any European trend.Usually they were pictured stabbing Christ, or lambs.Women, for their part, had to contend with being typecast as nags or temptresses, hysterical or otherwise.The British are still portrayed as class-obsessed, aggressive fox hunters, while the people of the Mediterannean may be passionate when they are awake but usually they're taking siestas.Stereotyping is not, of course, a recent phenomenon.

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