Marriage after 5 months of dating

The median age for first marriages has risen steadily since 1950.

In 2010, the median age for men tying the knot for the first time was near 29, and for women it was 27;in 1950, the median ages were 23 for men and 20 for women.

So, in my opinion, there isn’t really a right amount of time for couples to date before getting married.

But it is crucial to know a potential spouse well and have a full picture of him or her from a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Some couples meet, date, and marry in an incredibly short time and have wonderful marriages.

Not that anyone is completely defined by his or her friends, but who we choose to spend time with and the things we do together certainly say something about the person we are and want to be.

But, when dating, it’s dangerous to get stuck on these things.

It’s important to find out deeper values, such as your significant other's financial personality, charities, lifestyle, faith, family, and life goals. Without meaning to, we can even change the way we normally talk.

Of course, similarities in these areas can be a great beginning, but they are not necessarily a good foundation.

It may be great to enjoy eating the same foods or exercising together.

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