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And all the while he is using pornography, he is telling himself it is because he has greater levels of testosterone or a greater sex drive than other men, validating his use and want for more and more and more.Sex and the act of self-gratification become something he is really good at doing with himself.If he can see love making as something other than relief or release for him, and simply a time to give her pleasure, it will take a lot of the pressure off of his performance.If he will talk about the love-making experience and how each of them are feeling, he will discover the intimacy that can only come when two people begin to understand each other.

Looking at and lusting after naked women to whom you are not married does not honor those vows.

In addition, a man is taught how to be a more sexually competent man so he can use these objects called women more effectively.

Hugh has done an amazingly effective job of spreading that philosophy--better than most missionaries do when spreading their message about God.

In this act, the man is all about his penis, his needs; whatever makes him feel good instantly--and with no regard for anyone else.

He views the pornographic woman who demands nothing, does not judge his performance, or require anything other than that he look at her, and he most likely never forgets the image.

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