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Still, he tempered the praise by noting that normalizing facial scanning could make it ripe for abuse.

Snowden didn't immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Facial recognition used as part of government surveillance efforts has long been a concern of privacy advocates.

While the technology could be used to identify suspected terrorists, the American Civil Liberties Union worries that systems used for surveillance purposes could become increasingly invasive over time."Once installed, this kind of a surveillance system rarely remains confined to its original purpose," the ACLU wrote in a Q&A on the subject.

There are certainly a sizeable number of commenters and Twitter users who seem to believe there's no way Meghan could be a Royal in their eyes.

The abuse can be intense online, but the internet is still an echo chamber that can't always be thought of as a reflection of reality.

Her relationship with Prince Harry was only confirmed by Kensington Palace in November 2016 when the Palace had to basically tell everyone to cool it on the racism and abuse she was receiving.We've all heard the infamous quotes about viewing the EU referendum as a way to get rid of Muslims and take "our" country back.The open hatred that filled the air led to a dramatic rise in hate crimes in July 2016., the system uses the phone's front-facing camera to scan and register your facial structure for use as a password, eliminating the need to input a keypad password or scan a fingerprint.Using facial recognition to unlock a device isn't a new concept, and previous attempts have shown the technology can easily be tricked.

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