My boyfriend still has online dating profile Xxx chating without registration

A woman has just realized that her boyfriend has been active on online dating sites.

She is wondering if this is alright, and if she should address him.

I don't doubt that he loves me, and he doesn't do anything else to make me feel insecure about our relationship.

But what's the point of talking to these chicks on Tinder? Cheers, Not a Trump fan Hey there, Not a Trump fan. Fortunately, though, I'm Canadian, and this election doesn't impact me nearly as much as it would impact you. You wanted blunt, so I'm going to try my best to do so, despite my apprehension for hurting your feelings. Considering your political inclination, you don't seem like a dumb person, but you're certainly acting that way in your relationship.

He won't do that, though, which makes me think he's doing something inappropriate.

Don't pull the self-righteous card, as there's nothing guys hate hearing more than "I don't deserve this," or "This isn't the way you treat a woman."Live outside the absolutes, and be clear and direct. Or don't do that, fake smile, shake it off and maybe just be happy he's not on Bumble.

The next time he shows you Tinder, or the next time it comes up, ask him not to do it anymore.

Have him read this column, if that's what it takes. Even I would concede that flaunting your online dating profile in your significant other's face is a dick move, particularly if you guys are so serious.

He might not see his behavior for what it is, but this is how it's being regarded from the outside. I've done it, but my other wasn't significant, and we'd MET on the damn thing. What we can explore, though, is he's still swiping left and right, at least from a practical perspective.

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