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Each challenged was designed to weed out the gold diggers, fame chasers, fakes, and chicken heads.

Whether it was meeting Flavor Flav's celebrity friends from the world of hip hop or accompanying him on a trip to some exotic local, these girls were constantly be put to the test.

Read our article on rights and benefits for more information.

If your child's other parent does not live with you or your child, you are entitled to receive child maintenance from them.

Make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

After his failed romance with Brigitte Nielsen, Flavor Flav was ready for a new and true romance.

Child maintenance is financial support to help towards your child's living costs. It may be worth thinking about other ways to earn money, too.

Perhaps there is some freelance work you could do, or maybe you have a spare room that you could rent out.

You may remember him from VH1's hit shows The Surreal Life and Strange Love but just when you thought you heard your last "Yeah, Boyeee!

" VH1 is hitting you with another dose of the Public Enemy hype-man who made sporting big clock necklaces famous.

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