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This book inspired me to lift myself from a low point in my life to the highest place I have ever experienced.

I found love at a deeper level and was inspired to do something I could never imagine. This book is a must for every one on this planet.” – powerful book full of quotations about all aspects of life.

It holds the promise of being a limitless resource of hope and inspiration.” At the beginning is one of my favourite lines by Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

” If you don’t yet know the answer to that question, reading this book will definitely help you.

This is a practical book with tasks which, if followed, will improve your life.

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Cherie Soria calls the book “both timeless and timely...

We are surrounded by an increasing number of people who have truly lost touch with their intellect, talents, skills, and instinct while they consume junk food, focus on celebrity nonsense and lead horribly lazy lives of conformity.

It is good to remember that, if you are not experiencing the life you want, there is one person to whom you can turn to change your life, and that person is you.” The author spent many years accumulating the words of wisdom within this book.

Never before has a 21st century writer combined so eloquently a vision with a tangible blueprint for the holistic healing of the human body and spirit.” – is a book written by an independent thinker for independent thinkers.

Or, chances are, you will certainly be one by the time you have finished reading it.

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