Nairobi shagging

Kabari told Buzz Feed News in a phone interview that Ushahidi held a company retreat from Jan.13–19 at a country club in Nyeri County, two and a half hours’ drive north of Nairobi.And then, in a move that made Kabari question whether her case was being taken seriously, the company added that Kabari had also violated her contract and the organization’s rules — which call for “mindful and respectful” communication between employees — by using phrases like “fuck off” liberally in the workplace.Ushahidi, which means “testimony” in Swahili, was initially established to give people the tools to map out reports of violence following the Kenyan presidential elections in 2007.

Several of Ushahidi’s board members, including cofounders Erik Hersman and Juliana Rotich, did not respond to multiple Buzz Feed News requests for comment, instead directing inquiries to statements put out by the company regarding the investigation and the timeline of events.

He urged her to speak out, but she wanted to let it go and just forget about it.

She said she couldn’t.“I started avoiding the office, and when I came home from work, I would have a blinding headache,” Kabari told Buzz Feed News in the weeks following the incident.

Kabari, 31, said she recorded the events of that night, and allowed Buzz Feed News to listen to the clip.

But Were, who said he has listened to the recording, told Buzz Feed News he believes the clip has been edited.

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