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She is, in other words, a regular girl with an unexpected cool.That dichotomy, while maybe practiced, is not insincere—it's who she is.'s stylist, Faith Cromas, helps Ripa change into a floral Rebecca Taylor dress with a nipped waist.That she manages to do this without appearing arrogant or embarrassed is perhaps why Ripa has been able to win over not just those looking for wholesome morning entertainment, but the culturally sophisticated, too.It's a tonal dexterity that confounds other hosts—in 2012, Ann Curry was ousted from after just a year as cohost for failing to connect with her audience—but one that seems to come easily to Ripa: She's a wife and mother of three who loves box wine, boardwalks, and Uggs, but she's also a So Ho resident who gets tattooed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; takes family vacations with Cooper (recently, to Croatia); and, as I will soon learn, can reference HBO's Girls without seeming affected.M., and, if they're interested in hard news, have probably already found it elsewhere.Today, the weird-but-true headlines include the population explosion of squirrels in the Northeast, a naked man terrorizing hikers in Texas, and the endorsement of Barack Obama by seven-year-old reality-TV star Honey Boo Boo.

Ripa was only 30 when she was asked to try out for the chair vacated in 2000 by Kathie Lee Gifford, for whom she'd filled in a few times.Ripa tells me that lately she's been receiving complaints from viewers who claim to be able to see her nipples through her clothes. Ripa and Strahan bound onto the stage to pumping music and dance in place before settling into their chairs."I've come out on the air and addressed it," she says. Next to me is a group of friends who look to be in their forties. " says one of the women, dressed in a leopard-print blouse and cowboy boots. " says another, who has her nails manicured in black."God, I love her," says the third, wearing leopard-print shoes that match her friend's blouse. "'s conceit has always been one of a pretend husband and wife who, every morning, chat about their lives and the day's news over coffee; later, their neighbors (the celebrities) stop by.In November 2011, the show's original patriarch, Regis Philbin, retired at age 80.

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