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Horror, sci-fi and fantasy are my favourite genres in drama & films but once in a while, I enjoy watching chick flicks. Adam Lambert rose to stardom after participating in "American Idol" season eight in 2008.Image A recent controversy of the member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, Minami Minegishi, who shaved her head as a penance for dating has caused uproar among the fans.The public began questioned about the reason behind the unnecessary action over a dating ban.Source: allkpop The Atlantic Seoulbeats Follow us on TWITTER Like us on FACEBOOKJoin our forum and tell us what you think!

However, in the Asian artist industry especially Korea and Japan, most of the entertainment companies set a list of strict rules in which the celebrities especially the idol groups must follow and some even had dating ban with a specific time frames.

All in all, the primary concern on the Asian artist industry is that dating ban rules still exist among the idol groups.

Even though their priority is on the career and the fans, but the idols are humans too and shouldn’t they be allowed to be in love and lead a normal dating life too?

In Korea however, the representatives from several entertainment companies explained they prefer the dating ban solely because of management problems.

They further explained the management are responsible for protecting the idols from getting hurt from scandals, especially during the debut stage because they are still inexperience in handling themselves in scandals.

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