No credit card to hook up with girls

Dirty deeds and ageism right there by taking advantage of thirsty individuals over 30, who really want to get ass from an app too. If you are strapped for cash or just looking for a new dating app, we have 15 alternatives to Tinder.

The app also gives more information than most dating apps.

When you need to pay an upfront deposit for goods or services, never use a debit card.

Some examples include booking travel reservations, making a deposit to order cabinets or flooring, securing freelance services or renting equipment.

That means a thief could completely drain your bank account and get away with stealing your entire balance, plus you’ll probably have bank overdraft fees.

Buying anything online using a debit card makes you vulnerable to a cyber criminal who could steal your card number and drain your bank account linked to the card — unless you watch your transactions like a hawk and would catch fraud immediately.

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