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"A handful of these involved the type of stalking behaviour where a doctor may need to involve the police.With doctors more accessible than ever via social media, amorous approaches from patients can feel intrusive,” explains Dr Beverley Ward, MDU's medico-legal adviser.The National Archives does not hold patients’ records and is not the best place to find information about doctors or nurses.However, this guide will help you find the doctors’ and nurses’ records that we do hold and some of the most significant collections held in other archives.A doctor’s conduct must at all times be above suspicion.’ It is less straightforward in the case of relationships with former patients.On the one hand, both parties are human, so an adult relationship should be allowed.

A pamphlet released by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing states that “It is always the responsibility of a health care professional to establish appropriate boundaries with present and former patients.” Indeed, one cannot be blamed for developing attraction to someone; in fact, when it happens in a professional relationship, it is often a symptom of burnout.But on the other hand, there are several key issues to ponder: • “What is the length of time between the professional relationship and dating? Assisting a patient with a short-term problem, such as a broken limb, is different than providing long-term care for a chronic condition.” • “Will the patient need therapy in the future? ” Infidelity can be found anywhere regardless of culture, country or creed, but a recent survey by the “infidelity dating website,” Victoria Milan, has found that there are certain professions with more people who cheat on partners.It is as yet, unclear, whether the jobs themselves encourage infidelity, or that people predisposed to cheat are more likely to seek out these professions.Health authorities are required to keep confidential records for the shortest practical time, though some hospitals may have older records.Administrative records of hospitals are normally closed for 30 years and patients’ records for 100 years.

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