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Feminist values, which many lesbians ascribe to, also play into lesbians’ tendency to enjoy, celebrate and accept more body diversity than their straight counterparts.Writing an online dating profile comes with easy and hard steps. This may seem obvious, but a recent study posted on e Harmony, which analyzed 12,000 online dating profiles, confirmed that both men and women chose “funny” as a characteristic they are looking for in a partner, ranking it sixth out of a list of 10 enticing words. Got some Pablo Neruda quotes you’ve been keeping on your intentions board? That same e Harmony study also revealed that you should describe the kind of person you are, but only using certain “attractive” words.According to a 12-year study by John Gottman of the University of Washington and Robert Levenson of the UC Berkeley, gay and lesbian couples are excellent communicators who use fewer “controlling, hostile emotional tactics” when fighting, such as belligerence, domineering, and fear.“The difference on these ‘control’ related emotions suggests that fairness and power-sharing between the partners is more important and more common in gay and lesbian relationships than in straight ones,” Gottman explained.3. The dreaded “bed death,” or the notion that lesbians in committed relationships stop having sex with each other, is a touchy topic. Francis Xavier University and a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, only 15 percent of lesbian couples engage in sex more than twice a week, compared to 50 percent or more of other comparison groups (straight couples and gay men). While it’s true that lesbians have less frequent sex than their straight counterparts, lesbian sex lasts far longer:“Women in same-sex relationships reported significantly longer durations of sexual encounters than individuals in all three comparison groups, with their median duration falling within the 30 to 45 minute range, compared to the 15 to 30 minute range most commonly reported by participants in other types of relationships.” Also, almost 10 percent of lesbians get it on for more than two hours, compared to 1.9 percent of straight couples.“Furthermore,” Blair explains, “very few women in same-sex relationships reported very brief sexual encounters, possibly providing a hint as to why their sexual frequency numbers tend to be lower than the other three groups.”4. No doubt partially due to lesbians’ excellent communication skills and lengthy lap-nap sessions, lesbians have more orgasms than straight and bi women.If we see one hipster drinking PBR and wearing an “Everyone loves Grandpa! When it comes to lesbians, I was curious if the stereotypes had a basis in reality, partly because I am a former gym teacher who drives a truck and loves cats and has a wardrobe that’s 90 percent flannel. The most common lesbian joke is often attributed to comedian Lea Delaria, who once remarked: “What does a lesbian bring on a second date?I've probed the data to see if the old lines about U-Hauling, lesbian bed death and others had any statistical sway. A U-Haul.” This plays into the notion that queer women tend to move in together at lightning-fast speeds.Some of these reasons have to do with societal norms, financial benefits and hormones.“U-hauling happens for two reasons,” explains clinical psychologist Lauren Costine at After Ellen. Maybe this is a sign we should be lowering our carbon footprint.“Biologically our brains are wired for a relationships and connection. Oxytocin is a hormone women emit when they’re falling in love, having sex, or breastfeeding. It feels so good that for some women, in this case lesbians, they can’t get enough. Let’s make a pro and con list of solar panel options and revisit this next year.

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Tinder and many others only allow a binary male/female gender choice, leaving users to state other gender identities and preferences in their profiles.

OKCupid even includes a feature to make your profile invisible to straight users.

Dating apps also open up a wider pool of dating possibilities nearby, which is especially useful for people in remote areas.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine polled 1,497 men and 1,353 women who'd been sexually active within the past year. According to Ok Cupid data again, the attributes lesbians used to describe themselves most often were artsy, adventurous, kinky, and almost half said they were “into drugs.”Curiously, straight women were more “into sports” (so there goes that lesbian stereotype?

Participants were asked to state their gender, sexual orientation and the percentage of time they orgasmed "with a familiar partner."Researchers found that heterosexual women reported orgasming just 61.6 percent of the time, and bisexual women following close behind with 58 percent. According to data culled from its four million users, online dating site Ok Cupid revealed in a survey that “The L Word” was not only the most common phrase used on lesbians’ profiles, it was used so frequently it didn’t even fit on the graph relative to the amount of times lesbians used it. ), as well as optimistic and far more likely to identify as religious.

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