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I can only suggest that you look inwards, and see if you might be short changing the women you are meeting, and perhapps, projecting your own insecurities onto them.All of us guys go through "dry spells" from time to time.Things are tricky as an academic male since one is often surrounded by all sorts of attractive women (in the humanities, certainly) who are totally off-limits (i.e. Embedded in this seemingly hermetic social environment, one must break out and find a partner who is outside this milieu but stimulating enough to be an appropriate mate – and let’s face it – can tolerate the weird life we academics lead: publishing or perishing.The point of this discussion is not to wallow, but I must say after dating (and not particularly successfully) for a year in Southern California, I am feeling a bit discouraged.I have never been married but would very much like to be – and have children – the two things supposedly all single women dating want.I am intelligent, worldly, sophisticated and attractive.

I am starting a thread on academics dating over 30 because, as an academic over 30, dating has been challenging and much more so than I ever would have expected.Could there be larger cultural transformations at work here? I'm just going to throw my "two cents" worth of opnion at you.I don not think this is so much a matter of women of today, as your opinion of them.The responses in those forum threads entail the history of dating, social change, and male/female dynamics for the past 50-200 years.I don't know if there are that many academics here.

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