Online dating middle east

He convinced me (and I convinced myself) we were actually dating and that he was my man.

I shared with him intimate details of my past life, photos of me and my family, and even worse...private pictures.

We chatted romantically for two weeks until one day I found out he was still on Tinder where he happened to match my best friend-and-colleague and even started a conversation with her.

Feeling quite annoyed I told him I knew and begged him to tell me straight away what he was looking for.

I decided to be brave and contact her, kindly introducing myself, and told her I was looking for nothing but truth.

She confirmed the two were dating for the past eight months, they even share a place in Florida.

He told me about his ex-girlfriend of four years, who repeatedly cheated on him every time he was on a mission.

He told me how that experience hurt him and made it very hard for him to trust a woman again.

Apparently, in the very beginning of our online flirting I was alternating between talking to them both until he completely took over and went out of control as he was going through a tough time with his girlfriend.Being stubborn by nature I decided to investigate and so for three days I checked him out online until I found a secondary Facebook profile to the one I already knew about, which was available only to his relatives. I clicked on her see.finally I found what I didn't know I'd been looking for.I checked out the two profiles looking for any contact or useful information to figure something out... Her profile said 'in a relationship with' the same guy I have been dating.A couple of months later, while I was on vacation in London, I saw a pic of him on Instagram and noticed a girl's comment.I was irritated and commented on it to see the girl's reaction.

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