Onlinesex and charting

They might have committed suicide or something, and it wouldn’t have even been their fault – it would be because people weren’t there for them.”‘He thought he let everyone down’Daniel Perry, 17, a trainee mechanic, thought he was having conversations with a girl about his own age over the internet.

Then in July he received a message saying that unless he paid up, explicit material from the conversations would be posted to his family.

If you try and say ‘oh I don’t want to talk about that’ or ‘whatever’, he’d threaten or blackmail me, saying that he’d send my dad all the chat logs if I didn’t do what he said.

Children have been forced to film themselves on webcams as they write degrading statements on their bodies or cut themselves, says Ceop.

The global nature of the problem was highlighted by “Operation K”, launched this year after a complaint by one victim to police in Britain.

It revealed evidence of a group of friends in an unspecified country acting together to ensnare young children.

Britons were disproportionately targeted because they spoke English, and in the apparent belief that liberal values in this country were likely to make them more susceptible to online grooming, Ceop said.

Many of the victims were forced to conduct graphic sex acts.

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